Work is in progress on Orange train to solar power. Provincial Transport Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad

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Press Release

Lahore January 23:: Provincial Transport Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad said in a statement that on the instructions of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the work on the project to shift the Orange train to solar in Lahore in the first phase is going on rapidly.
The provincial minister said that on the recommendation of the Energy Department, the talks with NESPAK have entered the final stages, but after signing the agreement with NESPAK, the study will be completed within 3 months and after the study, the solarization project will be started.

The provincial minister further said that solar panels will be installed at Depots, stabling yards and stations of Orange train while solar grid stations will be constructed at stabling yards and orange train Depots. Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that along with the Orange train, the stations will also be transferred to solar energy, while according to an estimate, it will be possible to save more than 3 billion rupees annually.

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