Where is hospital of 3 million people of Gulistan e joher in Karachi, Hospital plot converted into residential and sold out to Builder mafia.

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Where is hospital of 3 million people of
Gulistan e joher in Karachi

Hospital plot converted into residential and sold out to Builder mafia.

Area 5 acre
Value 10–12 billion Rs.
Plot# ST-1 Block 3 A Gulistan e Joher.
Status Approved in KDA master plan of Gulistan e Joher & only
Hospital plot for 3 million resident.

Status One cement block making factory approx one acre area
130–180–200-300-400-550 SQ yard plot cutting according
to choice of builder.
more than 50 small and Banglows, 10% more that triple
story portions. All irregular plot cutting like kachi abadi.

with plot holder All forged, some resident claim are shifting plot of
different areas shown adjustment in this area.
Some plot holder say Chief minister Quota.

Legal Status Hospital plot or any amenity plot cant be converted
into residential or commercial activity. There is no
chief minister quota , and also shifting plot adjustment not applicable for hospital plot.

Supreme court Supreme court already issued orders to remove all Order illegal construction illegal qabza, on any kind of Amenity plot hospital, mosque, park and others
Responcible CM of Sindh
Minister of KDA
XN and Staff Gulistan e Joher Gulshan iqbal
Builder mafia.

Violation Human right violation, due to No hospital even a small dispensary for 3 million living people. Death
are faced due to road accident, maternity, heart
attack etc. Nearest Govt Hospital to this locality is

Hospital Donner Hospital Donner who run trust or charity hospitals in Karachi are interested if the land is provided to them they will construct and run the hospital as
charity hospital.

Attachments KDA Approved Master plan copy, this master plan
is submitted by KDA master plan department in
NAB court in processing of a plot case of
encroachment. So its authenticity is very clear

Photo Photo of constructed houses on hospital plot.

KE power All have submitted forged document and bribed to
department Gas line got KE power, Gas and water.
Water connection illegally.

KDA letter This letter was issued and KDA SBCA demolished
attachment the block making factory partially and kept their
#1 qabza , latter on they again started block making
commercial business activity on hospital plot

KDA letter A letter was issued for demolish hospital plot
Attachment encroachments. but they not demolished but
#2 got money from illegal plot and house people.

two photo one when partial demolished, other re-constructed
after having money under the table. this plot
is further constructed a big flat 4 story building
when setting with KDA & SBCA (Karachi
development and Sindh building control authority)


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