We should condemn the Lahore incident and also appeal for an Judiciary Independent inquiry

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In 1978 I was contingent Guard Commander at Qaid e Azam Mazar as my unit was assigned to do the guard duty for month.During my stay and visit I have seen thousands of people visit Sacred places with utmost respect and sanctity. Just to recall a very sad incident which took place some years ago wherein

Captain ( r ) Safdar spouse broke the sanctity of this place. Local PPP leadership refused to lodge an FIR of this sad incident however the same was lodged after last night action by Armed forces intervention. Arrest was made and Capt Safdar was immediately released after Bilawal spoke to Gen Bawja.Jinnah House Lahore has no comparison to this incident where Mr Jinnah has not stayed for an hour.I feel we should condemn the Lahore incident and also appeal for an Judiciary Independent inquiry .PTI Chairman is on record for complete support of the Armd forces. A wedge between Army and popular political party is being created by political opponent could be dangerous for country.

This is Bushra Zaidi a student of Sir Syed Girls college Nazimabad who died in a road accident outside her college 1976/ 77.The incident sparked ethnic violence all over the Karachi later Sindh as the Van was being driven by Pathan driver. The unrest engulfed Karachi for nearly four decades in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. We have not learnt any lesson from such incidents and arrested IK which turned a splash point of disturbance in the country. I appreciate the statement of Mr Khagan Abbasi N league who was brave to condemn this style of arrest of Ik.

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