Opposition protest in parliament against democracy. Bilawal

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Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari interaction with media at the National Assembly

Islamabad, 19 April 2024: Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari responded to questions by the media representatives at the National Assembly on Friday.
Chairman PPP said that the opposition members are afraid of Bibi Aseefa Bhutto Zardari and that is why so much noise was made by them while Bibi Aseefa was taking oath. This shows that they are afraid of a Nihatti Larki (an unarmed girl). We will never be deterred by bullying tactics as we have faced dictators like General Zia and General Musharraf for the last three generations. We will face them with democratic means. Their actions are undermining the sanctity and reverence of the parliament.
Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the Party has made a history yesterday when the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari addressed the parliament for the seventh time. In his address President Zardari pointed out the issues which is the need of the hours. We should think of the country instead of petty differences. We should think of Pakistan and its people. President Zardari gave a roadmap and a message to be united to deal with the issues confronting Pakistan at the moment. The representatives of the people have to play a role and fulfill the responsibility. Unfortunately, the opposition does not have interest in playing their role in the parliament. We should resolve the issues of the people but the only objective of the opposition is to get personal pollical interests and to get the relief for their party leaders. The opposition protest was not democratic and mature. Unfortunately, this behavior of the opposition members compelled the Speaker to suspend membership of two opposition members but it was necessary to set the precedent so that every member should remain within the rules of the parliament.
Regarding a question about terrorism, Chairman PPP said Imran Khan’s government policy regarding the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, terrorism and about the neighboring country, the way that government let free the terrorists from prisons and invited the terrorists who were in Afghan prisons before the fall of Kabul to enter Pakistan were all wrong. The parliament was not taken on board and the President of the time was giving the terrorists clemency. That was the policy of Imran Khan’s government. We had criticized that policy then and now we should have a clear stance to see the issue as political but as an issue of national security. You cannot have the policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. This dual policy will not work and the Army, police, common people rendered great sacrifices to eliminate these terrorists in the past.
Responding to a question regarding opposition’s hue and cry during President Zardari’s address to the joint session, Chairman PPP said that every political party has the right to do politic but on the issue of foreign affairs, diplomatic issues etc. we should have displayed unity in front of diplomats. These diplomats will tell their countries about this opposition’s behavior as well.
Speaking about the destruction by the floods in the modern country like United Arab Emirates, Chairman Bilawal said that the climate change is increasing in its intensity with time. Pakistan is an under-developed nation and we are trying to give relief to the people with our limited resources. The floods in 2022 caused huge destruction. We are constructing 2 million houses for those flood-hit people. We have to change our development strategy for the federal and provincial governments and make the infrastructure climate resilient and climate friendly so that we can protect the coming generations and President Zardari has also given a message in this regard in his address yesterday.
Chairman PPP said that a few decisions of the interim government harmed not only our growers but also our economy as well. The interim government decided to import wheat from other countries resulting in loss of the Pakistani growers but this government has stopped export of wheat which has resulted in improvement of the situation. He said that the reservations being expressed by the growers should be heard and allayed. This is welcome that since this government has come to power, the inflation is decreasing. During the elections, inflation was the main issue and if this government succeeds in lowering inflation then we all will benefit from it.
Regarding recent visit of the Saudi foreign minister, Chairman Bilawal said that he thinks that it was the most successful visit. Saudi Arabia will play a major role in the investment opportunities in Pakistan. This will provide employment opportunities to people all over the country. It is the responsibility of the government and its allies and the opposition to welcome the foreign delegation. It is so wrong that when the Saudi foreign minister was in Pakistan, a PTI politician levelled false allegation on Saudi Arabia of involvement of removing Imran Khan’s government. We not only condemn that statement but also the dual politics of PTI. This two-faced politics is wrong and the PTI politicians should keep away from the politics of lies. Saudi Arabia has relations with Pakistan not with any particular political party. All political parties should own this relation.
On the topic of reconciliation, Chairman Bilawal said that the President of Pakistan in his address to the joint session gave clear message of the need for reconciliation and unity. Our three demands are regarding national charter of economy, national charter of reconciliation and the national charter of judicial reforms which we have been raising continuously. The manner in which the PTI does its politics harms national reconciliation repeatedly which is causing harm not only to Pakistan, its economy and the PTI as well.
Every political party should try to give relief to the people. Prime minister in this regard spoke about these issues which were the PPP point of view in his first speech. Now we have to give time to the government to implement those points in his speech. We hope that the government will provide funds for Benazir Income Support Programme so that we can give relief to the people despite several conditions by the IMF and other financial institutions.
Chairman Bilawal appreciated Sindh police for thwarting a terror attack in Landhi, Karachi this morning. He said that this is also a reminder that the menace of terrorism is once again raising its head in Pakistan. The federal and provincial governments will have to take action against the terrorists and to ensure to engage the neighboring country to take action against them. Chairman PPP said that as a foreign minister he had held a tripartite dialogue at the foreign ministry among the foreign ministers of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We should have similar efforts to eliminate terrorists.
Regarding the protest movement expected by the JUI in Sindh, Chairman Bilawal said that if he protests then we will facilitate him. Maulana sahib is a senior politician given wrong impression by his people that they lost the elections through rigging. He should have investigation that whether there was rigging or his own people are giving this wrong impression to hide their own weaknesses. Maulana sahib should have protest against Gandapur in Dera Ismail Khan, protest in Peshawar and other parts of KP province. Does he think that rigging was done in Larkana and fair and transparent elections were held in KP?

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