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Columnist: Muhammad Amir Siddique, Journalist, Vienna, Austria.

Any child when he opens his eyes in this world is only human and nothing else.

Today, my column is to explain something to the world about humanity. Anyway, thank you very much for reading my column and my message is always to serve humanity, live with love, and now I will continue to write.

When any child opens his eyes in this world-:
Any child when he opens his eyes in this world is only human and nothing else. What is his religion, what is his creed, what language does he speak, what is his way of worship? These are all later stages. Religion is related to parents and family elders. The religion of the parents or grandfather, great-grandfather is the same as the religion of the child. There are many languages spoken in the world which belong to different religions and regions. But generally people speak the language of the areas they live in fluently.

Humans are left where I am, but humanity has been lost….Only the body is left empty, but the spirituality is lost.

Humanity has been lost in the world of humans…
They have one heart and are decorating their world.

Even in relationships, there is just pretense in every action….. There is hypocrisy everywhere now, transparency is lost.

If we put others in their place and consider their pain and suffering as our own, then the disease of pride can be eradicated, due to which the state of our society can change to a great extent.

The name is pride-:
There is a disease in our society called pride, in which a person forgets his times and starts considering himself superior to others, and unfortunately, this disease has spread a lot in our society. Ignorant ways, doubts and illusions have been coming from eternity. There are wrong ideas and theories like hey this is Christian. Don’t sit with him. These are Muslims, Jews and Hindus, Buddhists, stay away from them, stay away from them, do not eat food from their hands, they are dirty people. Do not befriend them, do not share in their happiness and sorrow, stay away from them, etc.

Man can complete his self at this time-:
Man can fulfill himself only when he works for the fulfillment and betterment of his fellow human beings. But this is not a matter of change. A man may be disappointed with another man but should not be disappointed with humanity, because man only breathes in time and humanity lives in time.

We are standing at the most unfortunate point in human history-:
We stand at the most unfortunate juncture in human history. Dark eyes are starting to appear. Darkness has begun to descend to the heart and mind. Humanity, which is the soul of God’s divinity, stands in the desert covering its body. Humanity today is full of wounds, it is bleeding, it is moaning and crying due to grief. Tears are streaming down his yellow cheeks, but there is no one to heal his sorrows

Man is lost-:
Man is lost, man is dead. If there is anything left, the wolves and foxes that roam freely in the masks of human faces. They drop bombs wherever they want, they reach to play bloodshed wherever they want. Wolves have infiltrated the population when and how they want to continue their activities openly with the blessing of their “guardians”. The greatness and purity of man has disappeared, the sanctity of humanity has been violated and the irony is that we are taking it lightly. No one has the patience to see a glimpse of it, every heart is full of pain, full of tears.
But the question is, can these pains and tears be a cure for any pain? Can tears ever turn into lights of hope? Absolutely, something has to be done, some strategy has to be fought.

Humanity is born somewhere-:
Human emotions and feelings are almost the same for people all over the world, there is a slight change in the way of life of people, but its speed is very slow. . On this occasion, you will surely raise this question, how can a person change himself? Is nature so resilient? My answer is that human nature also changes along with changing patterns of the environment. This process will continue for countless centuries. Man is trying to change his society because he is the owner of intellect and consciousness. It may take many more centuries to establish an ideal society, but man is sure of his success. The fact has been revealed that only by establishing an ideal society, the emergence of an ideal human being is possible. The day when man recognizes his position, this earth will change, this sky will change and once again he will see this life-giving and life-enhancing scene in front of him and which man has been wandering to see till today.

A failed attempt from my pen is definitely an attempt to keep humanity alive and create love among all people. Thank you very much!.

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