Young artists create personalised anime accessory bags at SCRF 2023

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By Aijaz Khokhar

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival transformed into a world of wonder and excitement this weekend as children gathered for the “Create Your Anime Accessory Bag” workshop. Led by expert instructor Maha Al Muheri of Rewire International, the workshop offered young artists and anime fans to combine their passion for craft and comics to create their own personalised accessory bags.

As the workshop began, Maha Al Muheri provided an introduction to the versatility and popularity of anime-inspired bags. She taught the children various design elements, such as choosing appropriate images or designs, and how to create custom designs using image editing apps. The children were then given blank tote bags and guided by the instructor on how to decorate them with original designs or by drawing their favourite comic or animated characters.
Once completed, the children had not only learned a number of drawing and colouring skills but also had a beautiful souvenir through their freshly decorated tote bags. The children were proud of their creations, and their parents were impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the young participants.

Reflecting on the creative workshop, Maha Al Muheri of Rewire International said, “It was such a pleasure to teach the young ones these skills, and I was truly impressed by their patience and engagement throughout the workshop. Their creative skills were incredible, and it made me very happy to know we have such a capable generation that will go on to do great things in their lives.”
The workshop was a hit with both children and parents alike, who were impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the young participants.
The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival aims to foster a love of reading and learning in children and promote creativity and innovation. This workshop was a perfect example of this mission, as it provided children with an opportunity to develop their creativity and learn new skills while having fun.

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