Why Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 has been amazing so far.

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This is the first time that an Arab country is hosting FIFA World Cup. Before the World Cup began, Qatar assured the world that they would successfully host the event by setting an outstanding precedent of hospitality. Qatar facilitated the chances of other Middle Eastern countries to host this significant global event in the years to come. This has also decreased the superiority of Europe over FIFA. Qatar got the opportunity to share the values, culture and positive image of Islam with the world.
Qatar is a land of 3 million population where mostly migrant workers reside. Qatar invested more than $200 million in the development, construction and improvement of the infrastructure of the country to successfully organise this event. The Government of Qatar estimated that this event would create approximately 1.5 million new jobs in different fields like real estate, hospitality and tourism etc. as well as enhance the country’s profile internationally.

Controversies faced by Qatar :
Ever since Qatar won the right to host this mega event, it has been facing severe backlash and strong criticism, disapproval and displeasure because of several internal issues like human rights violations – specifically migrant workers -, political instability, corruption, a ban on alcohol consumption and prison sentences on LGBT.
FIFA replied to world cup teams by urging them to focus on the game in Qatar and to not drag the sport into political affairs. Khalid Salman, a Qatar world cup ambassador said that anyone coming to Qatar should “accept our rules here”.

Qatar introduced as an Islamic Embassador :

“And whoever puts his trust in Allah, He will be sufficient for him”- Surah Al-Talaq, Verse no. 3

Trust in Allah means to have complete and firm faith in him and there should be no two opinions.
Qatar took a courageous and bold step to implement Islamic laws, rituals, traditions and values strictly all around the country during the time of ceremonies and matches. In this way, Qatar is spreading the message of Islam by executing Quran and Sunnah accordingly. This was evident in the opening ceremony of the world cup. Quranic verses and Hadith are written in Arabic and English translations in the stadium. Non-Muslim fans are attracted to Islamic culture and it is becoming more and more popular. Muezzins with charming voices have been placed in all the mosques so that the sound of Adhan can reach everyone’s heart.
At the opening ceremony when it was time for prayer, thousands of people lined up to offer the prayer. This action won the hearts of Muslims. Surah Rahman was recited in the opening ceremony. Qatar has proved that it will not allow any activity that is against Islam for mere business and profit. The Qatari Government deserves praise for this initiative.

Without hard work, there’s no game and without fans, there’s no football.

No doubt the Qatari Government played a magnificent role by making everyone play by the rules. Arabs are one of the most hospitable nations and Qatari Muslims won the hearts of the world. The Qatari people are also generous in serving their foreign guests. They are offering traditional foods, drinks and gifts to the foreigners who are being escorted on the way out of the stadiums.
Hope for the best and strongly believe that these positive steps help bring communities and countries together and the propaganda of Islamophobia will end.
Fouzia khan

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