Zarrar’s release shifted to 25th November due to flood relief activities of film fraternity.

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Zarrar’s release shifted to 25th November due to flood relief activities of film fraternity.

Shan’s ambitious project will release worldwide on Friday 25 November along with Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada et

Karachi (by Staff Reporter)
The devastation caused by the recent torrential rains and floods in most parts of the country has badly affected the daily lives of millions of citizens. Pakistan’s artist community is playing a vital role in restoring their lives to normal by participating and organizing different fund raising activities in country and abroad.

Actor Shan Shahid has postponed the release of his ambitious project action thriller “Zarrar” till the month of November due to his busyness in relief activities of the flood victims and now this film will be released on November 25th in Pakistan as well as other countries of the world, America, UK, Canada, Middle East.

It is pertinent to mention that in “Zarrar” Shan has not only portrayed the lead character, but also taken the responsibility of production and direction himself. In the star cast of the action thriller film, apart from Shan, lead model Kiran Malik, Senior artists Nadeem Baig, Rasheed Naz, Shafaqt Cheema and Nayyer Ijaz among others are included.

Zarrar is based on a high voltage action saga of secret agent and his impactful and action-packed secret operation. “Zarrar” is being screened in cinemas worldwide in association with Distribution Club. Distribution Club Executive Director Sheikh Abid said that “Zarar” is a project that not only the people associated with the film industry but also the common fans are eagerly waiting for release, However, due to the involvement of artists in relief activities, the promotional campaign of the film was affected due to which the release date has been postponed to 25th November.


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