Why did former PM Shahid lower Pakistan so low?

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At the very outset let me make it quite clear without least shadow of doubt and devoid of all ifs and buts that whatever you will read in the subsequent paragraphs, is neither a gossip nor a hearsay nor even an airy fairy story as one may think of but is an undeniable hard truth that I have the video forwarded to me by someone days back wherein photos of as many as 23 our political leaders

from opposition, exclusively belonging to PML (N) and PPP only excluding other political parties have met none but US diplomats during the period from January to March 2022 in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi as per the details written hereafter but before I jump to expose as to which politician met, which diplomat did he/ she meet, when and where I simply cannot help posing a

very simple but acidic, blunt, heart sinking, mind boggling, sharp, penetrating, piercing and sharpened question as to why did they meet only US diplomats though there are around 90 embassies and consulates in Pakistan which includes Super Powers of China, France, Russia and UK as well-meaning by that if at all my opposition leaders were so much obliged to meet diplomats of a Super Power then why did they chose USA only when Pakistan has embassies of other Super Powers as well?

Myself being former Business and Manpower Advisor, Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait will very hurriedly say about the commonly accepted organizational structure of diplomats of any country from start to top who are generally classified as 3rd Secretary, 2nd Secretary, 1st Secretary, Counsellor, Minister Counsellor, Consul General and Ambassador which may slightly differ from a country to country but nevertheless, broadly speaking, bulk majority of the countries are following the same organizational structure as mentioned here. No denying the hard fact, internationally speaking, Prime Minister is

none but Head of the Government who heads council of ministers itself proves that Prime Minister is much higher placed entity than any diplomat even including Ambassador who (ambassador) is subordinate to Foreign Minister therefore, under the given situation,

I feel very much aggrieved, hurt, insulted to know that none but our former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi met as low as 1st Secretary, Grace Eaton, US Embassy, Islamabad on 3rd March, 2022 though as a matter of fact even if former premier Abbasi had met the Ambassador, still Ambassador was way below than Prime Minister but I very much regret as to why and how Abbasi had to stoop so low to undermine not just himself but Pakistan to be honest.

Date wise complete list of rest 23 politicians with all relevant details is as under:

Srl Date Place Our Politicians American Diplomats

1) 12 Jan, 2022 Karachi Syed Murad Ali Shah Mark Stroh

CM / Sindh Consul General

2) 4 Feb, 2022 Karachi Saleem Mandiwalla – as above-

PPP Leader

3) 15 Feb, 2022 Lahore Rana Shahid Hassan William K Makaneole

MPA Consul General

4) 15 Feb, 2022 Lahore Mian Saqib – as above-


5) 15 Feb, 2022 Lahore Rana Mahmoodul Hasan -as above-


6) 15 Feb, 2022 Lahore Rana Tahir -as aove-


7) 24 Feb, 2022 Karachi Haris Guzdar Mark Stroh

Advisor 2 Bilawal Bhutto Consul General

8) 24 Feb, 2022 Karachi Nisar Ahmad Khurro -as above-

Advisor to CM, Sindh

9) 3 Mar, 2022 Lahore Hamza Shahaz Sharif William K Makanele

PA Opposition Leader Consul General

10) 3 Mar, 2022 Lahore Zakia Shah Nawaz -as above-


11) 3 Mar, 2022 Lahore Ramzan Siddique Bhatti -as above-


12) 3 Mar, 2022 Islamabad Muhammad Zubair Heather Eaton

Former Governor Press Attache

13) 3 Mar, 2022 Islamabad Ahmad Jawad Grace Eaton

PML (N) 1st Secretary

14) 3 Mar, 2022 Islamabad Ahsan Iqbal -as above-

Former Minister PML (N)

15) 3 Mar, 2022 Islamabad Siddique Al Farooque -as above

PML (N) Leader

16) 3 Mar, 2022 Lahore Shaista Pervaiz William K Makaneole

MNA Consul General

17) 3 Mar, 2022 Islamabad Ahmad Jawad Grace Eaton

PML (N) Leader 1st Secretary

18) 7 Mar, 2022 Lahore Aleem Khan Mark Stroh

PTI (Defected) Consul General

19) 7 Mar, 2022 Lahore Abdul Qadir Patel -as above-

PPP Leader

20) 7 Mar, 2022 Lahore Mumtaz Ali -as above-

PPP Leader

21) 7 Mar, 2022 Lahore Makhdum A Mehmood -as above-

Former Governor

22) 8 Mar, 2022 Lahore Syeda Uzma Qadri -as above-


23) 8 Mar, 2022 Lahore Samiullah Khan -as above-


How come so many above mentioned politicians have met so frequently a few American diplomats and that too in so many days but for what? Did our politicians achieve something positive and conducive for Pakistan by meeting American diplomats? How much Pakistan had lost if these politicians had not met these American diplomats is a baffling question which must be answered and not ignored? Why did these politicians did not meet these diplomats in the year 2021 or even 2020 for that matter also needs an answer?

What surprises me the most and which simply cannot be understood at all as to how and why such meetings were never ever publicized in the press even when so many weeks have already passed since the meetings were held? Why such meetings had been kept secret unless and until

there were some ulterior motives behind such meetings? No denying the fact, as and when any politician meets any diplomat, their photos are flashed very extensively in all the newspapers and magazines while the same is relayed through all television channels as well.

Concluding, I very earnestly wish the all the relevant authorities must not ignore such meetings whatsoever, rather on the contra, in the greater interest of the nation

and the country, the subject must be dug deep as to why and how it could happen so in my beloved Pakistan so that the nation knows what could be the rationale, if at all any, behind such meetings.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

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