Mehwish Hayat urges people at Jinnah International Airport to ‘clean up your act’

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Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient, Mehwish Hayat recently had a less than pleasant experience at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and had quite a bit to say.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi actor took to Twitter to share her grievances saying, “Disgusting! Had the misfortune to use the ladies room at Karachi airport – dirty and stinking.”

She went on to relay her experience and also subtly schooled the relevant authorities. “Not only is it unhygienic but is this the first impression we want to give to people coming arriving here? These are the most basic amenities – let’s clean up our act,” she wrote.

Mehwish also mentioned how she even saw cockroaches. Now that’s a deal breaker!

Many people chimed in with their personal horror stories at the airport, while others, naturally, had to say a lot about her experience. One person mentioned how the cleaners at the washrooms demand money for toilet paper, while another mentioned how she had to swat at flying cockroaches once.

Some people, however, chose to turn a blind eye and criticise Mehwish for bringing the issue to light. One person suggested she pick up the mop and clean it herself, while another resorted to using the infamous catch-phrase do takkay ki aurat to make his point.

Nevertheless, Mehwish’s tweet sheds light on an important issue that has been overlooked for longer than it should’ve been, and hopefully, can bring about a positive change.

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