“Sindh Government’s Tax Move Sparks Concerns in Airline Industry”

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Sindh Government Imposes Tax on Air Tickets, Airlines Struggle with Implementation

The Sindh government has introduced a new tax on air tickets, adding to the existing tax imposed by the federal government. As of July, passengers will be charged an additional Rs 50 on domestic tickets and Rs 400 on international tickets. This move is expected to generate an additional revenue of Rs 76 billion for the Sindh government.

The tax will be applicable to all domestic and international flights operating in Pakistan, including:

Domestic Airlines:

– Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
– Airblue
– Serene Air
– Shaheen Air
– Air Sial
– Fly Jinnah

Foreign Airlines:

– Emirates
– Qatar Airways
– Turkish Airlines
– Etihad Airways

The airline industry is struggling to implement the new tax, as most tickets are booked online and connecting flights are taken from foreign countries. Airlines are unsure how to incorporate the tax into their systems, how to collect it, and how to hand it over to the Sindh government within the given timeframe.

A meeting between representatives of the airlines and the Sindh government is expected to take place soon to discuss the implementation of the tax. The airlines are hoping to find a solution to the challenges they are facing and to negotiate the terms of the tax collection.

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