Promoting Trade Relations between Indonesia and Pakistan: Key Stakeholders Engage in Bilateral Talks

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Karachi: Dr. June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia presenting momento to Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Karachi: The Indonesian Consulate in Karachi, in collaboration with the Policy Advisory and Research Council of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), hosted a pivotal session titled “Bilateral Talks: Addressing Challenges and Identifying Solutions to Promote Trade Relations between Indonesia and Pakistan” at the Pearl Continental Hotel. This important event aimed to strengthen trade ties between the two nations by addressing current challenges and exploring new opportunities.

The meeting brought together prominent stakeholders from both of the countries, including officials from Ministry of trade Indonesia, Indonesian Palm Oil Association, Embassy of Islamabad and stakeholders from palm oil, paper, automotive, and food. Participants provided valuable insights into the current trade landscape and potential areas for growth. The session highlighted Indonesia’s significant role in supplying essential commodities to Pakistan, particularly in palm oil, where Indonesia contributes approximately 90% of Pakistan’s total imports.

Dr. June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, Consul General of Indonesia in Karachi, in his opening remarks, expressed his gratitude to all the distinguished guests, including key figures such as Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of TDAP, Mr. Arief Wibisono from the Ministry of Trade Indonesia, and Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha, Chairman of PRAC. He highlighted the remarkable growth in bilateral trade, which increased from USD 2.581 billion in 2020 to USD 4.511 billion in 2022, despite global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. He also pointed out the significant popularity of Indonesian consumer products in Pakistan, symbolizing the growing economic partnership between the two nations.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), emphasized the need for stronger regulatory frameworks and better logistical support to facilitate smoother trade flows between the two countries. He highlighted the importance of addressing market dynamics and consumer preferences to revitalize trade relations.

The President of KCCI underscored the importance of this dialogue, noting that “collaborative efforts and mutual understanding are key to overcoming the current challenges in our trade relations. By working together, we can unlock new opportunities and enhance the economic prosperity of both nations.”

Dr. Usmama presented a detailed analysis of the current trade trends, while Mr. Ahmad Syofian, PhD, conducted a focus group discussion to delve deeper into the issues at hand. Their contributions were instrumental in identifying the barriers impacting trade and proposing actionable solutions.

The event concluded with a commitment from all stakeholders to continue this dialogue and implement the recommendations discussed. The Bilateral Talks session served as a critical platform for fostering stronger business relationships and developing strategies to boost trade performance.

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