CM inaugurates projects at Naya Nazimambad

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KARACHI (June 9): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah speaking in a lighthearted manner at Naya Nazimabad said that we [Pakistan Cricket team] lost the match against America because our talks with IMF were in progress…but our team would definitely defeat the Indian team tonight.
He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana, Jamia Masjid and flyover at Naya Nazimabad where he was invited by Arif Habib, the head of Naya Nazimabad project. The program was attended by parliamentarians, businessmen, bankers, and industrialists.
Mr Shah speaking frankly about the Pakistan- India match in T-20 World Cup said that our team was strong enough and it deliberately lost its match against America because our talks with IMF were in progress but “we will give tough time to India,” he said.
Talking about the Public Private Partnership (PPP) project Murad Shah said that his government provided better infrastructure solutions to the people of Sindh through Public-private Partnership.
“Sindh government has earned international acclaim in executing mega projects like thar coal development, Ghotki-Kandhkot bridge, Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Road, Jhirk-Mulkatiar Bridge on River Indus, Karachi-Thatta Dual Crraigeway and various others.”
Murad Shah said that his government remained unwavering in its commitment to providing high-quality living standards, with all the necessary amenities for health, sports, and entertainment. “The government has the vision and is strategically positioned to make things happen,” he said and added that he was eager to partner with the private sector to achieve these goals through strategic collaborations.
He said that socially impactful projects like Naya Nazimabad were essential to bridge the gap and bring about meaningful change.
Mr Shah said that the provincial government on the instructions of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has started constructing 2.1 million houses for flood-affected people. “We are constructing 15 houses daily and so far 100,000 have been completed while work on 800,000 houses was in progress.”
Mr Shah said that his government has maintained such remarkable transparency in the construction of houses that people have donated 7000 houses for Rs2.1 billion which speaks volumes of public confidence in the Sindh government.
Murad Shah said that over the past few years, he has closely observed the development of Naya Nazimabad. “I am confident that this project not only offers a healthy and sustainable habitat for its residents but also contributes significantly to urban regeneration, social upliftment, and the economic well-being of our province. It is projects like these that showcase the power of public-private partnerships – a model that we must continue to embrace and expand.
Murad Shah said that his government was building Youth centres in every district. He added that work on 23 Youth Centres would be completed this year and these centres have similar facilities as offered by a Gymkhana.
The CM said that public-private partnerships were a cornerstone of sustainable development. “They bring together the strengths of both sectors – the planned oversight and regulatory support of the government, combined with the innovation, efficiency, and capital of the private sector,” he said and added that this collaboration led to the creation of robust infrastructures, improved services, and dynamic communities.
The success of Naya Nazimabad also highlights the importance of a transparent and disciplined approach to project management. By involving all stakeholders and maintaining clear communication, we ensure that projects are not only completed efficiently but also meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.
The Sindh government stands ready to provide all necessary assistance to this and similar projects. Together, we can create an outline for future developments, ensuring a better quality of life for all, the CM said and urged the private sector to foster such partnerships and strive for excellence in every project we undertake. Together, we can build a brighter future for Karachi and Sindh.
The chief minister announced that his government would develop the katchiabadies of Districts of Central and West in partnership with Arif Habib.
Arif Habib speaking on the occasion briefed the CM about his project.

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