JSMU welcomes New MBBS Batch of 2024

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Jinnah Sindh Medical University Press Release February 17, 2024

Jinnah Sindh Medical University welcomed its new batch of MBBS students in a graceful ceremony. “I believe it is crucial for female doctors to continue their professional journey post marriage,” stated Vice Chancellor Professor Amjad Siraj Memon during the orientation day for the 2024 MBBS batch, in which the new entrants’ parents were also present. He emphasized the importance of female doctors not giving up their seats, as doing so would hinder the candidate’s aim to serve the country. He addressed the parents to support their girls in pursuing the noble profession of medicine which provided enough flexibility in terms of suitable career options for females alongside the responsibility of managing their houses.

Principal of SMC-JSMU, Prof. Masroor Ahmed, warmly welcomed the new batch of MBBS students. He discussed the transition from SMC to JSMU and emphasized the importance of the university’s policy code and website. Prof. Ahmed also highlighted the rewards and challenges of the medical profession.

The ‘white coat ceremony’ was conducted by the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology Dr. Muhammad Azhar Mughal. He emphasized the importance of responsibility and dedication in the field of medicine. During his address, Dr. Azhar Mughal spoke to the students, focusing on empathy, excellence, regular attendance, respect for teachers, and the value of humanity in medicine.

In-charge PDC Dr. Amna Anzar explained the purpose and functions of the Professional Development Centre and the undergraduate skills lab while Director Academics Dr. Syed Moin Ali provided an overview of the JSMU curriculum structure for the year 2024.

Controller of Examinations Dr. Anita Shah, highlighted the importance of exams, exam policy, and marks distribution and Head of Community Medicine Dr. Tafazzul Zaidi, discussed professionalism expectations for JSMU medical students while In-charge Student Affairs Ishrat Noman provided information about student facilities and addressed concerns.

Chairperson scholarship committee Professor Mehmood Hussain, emphasized the importance of acquiring skills, knowledge, and practical experience while Director QEC Dr. Abdul Wahid Usmani explained the policies of the quality enhancement cell and the guidelines set by HEC, highlighting the importance of compliance.

Director of CME and Chair of Career Guidance Dr. Rahat Naz, conducted an in-depth session on ‘Scholarship Awareness’ and briefed about career counseling committee.

Head of Family Medicine Dr. Kiran Abdul Sattar addressed necessary tests undertaken for students. Building on the discussion of institutional standards, Additional Director of Communications Asfiya Aziz, spoke about the Media and Communication Policy and emphasized JSMU’s commitment to meet the expected standards as a leading public institution.

Head of the Department of Anatomy, Professor Dr. Sadaf Hameed, provided insights into the study of anatomy, highlighting its significance in understanding the human body’s structure and function. In-charge of Physiology, Dr. Noor-un-nisa, elaborated on the importance of physiology in comprehending the body’s mechanisms and how it relates to overall health and well-being.

Dr. Bilal Aheed, a faculty member of biochemistry, stressed the importance of biochemistry in the medical curriculum, highlighting its role in understanding the chemical processes within living organisms.

The event was hosted by Assistant Professor of Pathology Dr. Nazish Jaffer and forth year student Wamiq. President of Student Council Afeefa briefed about the student council.

The session highlighted the importance of regularly checking the university website. MBBS students were introduced to the university, teachers, courses, facilities, and the code of conduct. Several other important issues were also addressed during the event.

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