Transformative M&E Provincial Boot Camp in Karachi Shapes Future of Education**

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Press Release

Karachi, (16. February, 2024): In a revolutionary initiative aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape in Karachi, the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Provincial Boot Camp, spearheaded by Secretary College Education Department, Sadaf Anees Sheikh, and Minister College Education Department, Madam Rana Hussain, convened a three-day event that gathered key stakeholders from across the province.

The event, held in Karachi, brought together 40 students, 40 teachers and principals, and inspection officers from various directorates, marking a significant milestone in collaborative educational reform efforts.

Highlights from the Event:

Day One: Inauguration and Stakeholder Consultations:
Secretary Sadaf Anees Sheikh’s visionary leadership initiated inclusive policy-making by involving students, setting the stage for transformative change.

Day Two: Engaging Stakeholders and Gender Equality Focus:
Under Secretary Sheikh’s guidance, participants ensured gender parity, while Dr. Babar advocated for effective strategies to enhance influence.

Day Three: Certification, Ministerial Commendation, and Acknowledgment:
Minister Rana Hussain emphasized personal responsibility in monitoring work and praised participants’ proactive efforts. The certification ceremony celebrated historical achievements and the ongoing impact of the M&E Boot Camp.

Key Speech Highlights:

Secretary’s Speech Highlights:
Secretary Sadaf Anees Sheikh commended collaborative efforts and stressed the significance of M&E beyond accountability, urging individual initiative and commitment.

Minister’s Speech Highlights:
Minister Rana Hussain underscored personal responsibility and entrepreneurship in monitoring work, urging practical implementation.

Certification and Recognition:
Certificates, signed by Secretary Sadaf Anees Sheikh and Director Aijaz Ali Sahito, were distributed to participants, fostering direct engagement and a commitment to ongoing collaboration.

The event concluded with an interactive session, facilitating open dialogue among stakeholders and emphasizing strategies for institutional improvement.

The M&E Provincial Boot Camp sets a precedent for future endeavors, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to advancing educational quality and accountability through collaborative efforts and prudent resource management.

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