Pakistan election results 2024 — ‘counting’ still underway as parties decry outcome delay

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All eyes are on the television with political parties, independent candidates as well as voters fastening their seatbelts as the much-awaited unofficial and unconfirmed results for the general elections 2024 have started pouring in.

Despite the suspension of mobile phone and internet services, a large number of people across the country exercised their right to vote to elect their representatives for national and provincial assemblies — on 855 constituencies — in the world’s fifth-biggest democracy.

The 2024 elections surpassed the previous ones in 2018 in various aspects, including a record budget allocation of Rs48 billion, a substantial increase in the number of voters exceeding 50% of the total population, an unprecedented ratio of independent candidates, a total of nearly 18,000 candidates, and a substantial amount of paper required for printing 260 million ballots.

More than 1.4 million polling staff are performing their duties at 90,675 polling stations — of which 16,766 have been declared as extremely sensitive. To ensure voter turnout, February 8 was declared as a public holiday.

The polling, which kick-started at 8am, continued till 5pm throughout the country with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) deciding against extending the time for polling despite reports of irregularities from multiple constituencies and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) requesting an extension in the polling time.

The Interior Ministry, early morning, suspended cellular services citing the security situation. The country witnessed a largely peaceful polling process, however, a terror attack in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, martyred four policemen.

The election results are expected to be completed a few hours after midnight and the complete compilation might be done in the early hours of Friday — through the ECP’s Result Management System.

Preliminary, unofficial live results are available below

Note: Refresh the page for latest results as the page does not reload automatically

Completed result: NA-33 — PTI-backed Independent Syed Shah Ahad Ali Shah won his seat with 90145 votes

Completed result: NA-229 — PPP’s Jam Abdul Karim Vijar won his seat with 55732 votes

Completed result: NA-6 — PTI-backed Independent Muhammad Bashir Khan won his seat with 76259 votes

Completed result: NA-188 — PML-N’s Hafeezur Rehman Khan Dreshak won his seat with 85836 votes

Completed result: NA-137 — PTI-backed Independent Syed Raza Ali Gillani won his seat with 72400 votes

Completed result: NA-201 — PPP’s Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah won his seat with 120219 votes

Completed result: NA-46 — PML-N’s Anjum Aqeel Khan won his seat with 81958 votes

Completed result: NA-157— PML-N’s Syed Sajid Mehdi won his seat with 99332 votes

Completed result: NA-28— JUI-F’s Noor Alam Khan won his seat with 138,389 votes

Completed result: NA-22 — PTI-backed independent Muhammad Atif won his seat with 114,748 votes

Completed result: NA-167 — PML-N’s Muhammad Usman Owaisi won his seat with 78,970 votes

Completed result: NA-17 — PTI’s backed independent Ali Khan Jadoon won his seat with 97,177 votes

Completed result: NA-13 — PTI’s backed independent Muhammad Nawaz Khan won his seat with 24,686 votes

Completed result: NA-216 — PPP’s Makhdoom Jamil-uz-Zaman won his seat with 124,536 votes

Completed result: NA-202 — PPP’s Nafisa Shah won her seat with 121,756 votes

Completed result: NA-24 — PTI’s backed independent Malik Anwar Taj won his seat with 89,801 votes

Completed result: NA-121 — PTI’s backed independent Waseem Qadir won his seat with 78,703 votes

Completed result: NA-59 — Polling stations 467/467: PML-N’s Sardar Ghulam Abbas won his seat with 141,680 votes

Completed result: NA-25 — Polling stations 392/392: PTI-backed Independent Fazal Muhammad Khan won with 100713 votes

Completed result: NA-123 — Polling stations 222/222: PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif won with 63953 votes

Completed result: NA-55 — Polling stations 311/311: PML-N’s Ibrar Ahmed won with 78,542 votes

Completed result: NA-58 — Polling stations 459/459: PML-N’s Major (Retd.) Tahir Iqbal won with 115,974 votes

Completed result: NA-3 — Polling stations 309/309: PTI-backed independent Saleem Rehman won with 81,411 votes

NA-246 — Polling stations 27/291: PTI-backed independent Malik Muhammed Arif Awan is ahead with 4,734 votes

NA-9— Polling stations 127/348: PTI-backed independent Junaid Akbar is ahead with 40,920 votes

NA-107 — Polling stations 191/401: PTI-backed independent Muhammed Riaz Khan is ahead with 70,719 votes

NA-188— Polling stations 167/119: PML-N’s Hafeezul Rehman Dareshak is ahead with 63,394 votes

NA-225 — Polling stations 247/425: PPP’s Sadiq Ali Memon is ahead with 114,117 votes

NA-153 — Polling stations 216/319: PML-N’s Rana Muhammed Qasim Noon is ahead with 64,171 votes

Completed result: NA-230— Polling stations 163/163: PPP’s Syed Rafiullah won with 32,072 votes

NA-108 — Polling stations 78/458: PTI-backed independent Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan is ahead with 27,599 votes

Completed result: NA-261 — Polling stations 255/255: BNP’s Muhammed Akhtar Mengal won with 3,404 votes

NA-224 — Polling stations 120/359: PPP’s Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi is ahead with 47,269 votes

NA-147 — Polling stations 142/360: PML-N’s Chaudhry Iftikhar Nazir is ahead with 45,668 votes

NA-232 — Polling stations 72/270: PTI-backed independent Adeel Ahmed is ahead with 18,852 votes

NA-215 — Polling stations 311/401: PPP’s Mahesh Kumar Malani is ahead with 105,449 votes

NA-137 — Polling stations 110/351: PTI-backed independent Syed Raza Ali Gilani is ahead with 39,314 votes

NA-207 — Polling stations 268/346: PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari is ahead with 116,561 votes

NA-259— Polling stations 24/272: Haq Do Tehreek Balochitan’s Hussain Baloch is ahead with 17,233 votes

NA-209 — Polling stations 205/442: PPP’s Shazia Mari is ahead with 82,345 votes

NA-37 — Polling stations 142/288: MWM’s Hameed Hussain is ahead with 39,756 votes

NA-5 — Polling stations 268/421: PTI-backed independent Sahibzada Sibghatullah is ahead with 16,083 votes

Completed result: NA-217 — Polling stations 331/331: PPP’s Zulfiqar Bachani won with 115,000 votes

NA-186 — Polling stations 113/232: PTI-backed independent Mehar Sajjad Cheena is ahead with 54,022 votes

NA-240— Polling stations 9/170: TLP’s Syed Zaman Ali Jafri is ahead with 3,032 votes

NA-221 — Polling stations 243/298: PPP’s Syed Naveed Qamar is ahead with 93,428 votes

NA-243 — Polling stations 78/310: PTI-backed independent Shujaat Ali is ahead with 23,423 votes

NA-257 — Polling stations 46/325: PML-N’s Jam Kamal Khan is ahead with 19,221 votes

NA-70— Polling stations 94/363: PTI-backed independent Hafiz Hamid Raza is ahead with 37,251 votes

NA-101— Polling stations 159/393: PTI-backed independent Rana Atif is ahead with 67,434 votes

NA-50 — Polling stations 9/556: PTI-backed independent Iman Waseem is ahead with 17,799 votes

NA-82 — Polling stations 125/360: PML-N’s Mukhtar Ahmed Malik is ahead with 32,680 votes

NA-185 — Polling stations 176/232: PTI-backed independent Zartaj Gull is ahead with 73,370 votes

NA-96 — Polling stations 205/345: PTI-backed independent Rai Haider Ali Khan is ahead with 85,966 votes

NA-146 — Polling stations 189/396: Independent Zahoor Hussain Qureshi is ahead with 51,387 votes

NA-113 — Polling stations 140/362: PML-N’s Ahmed Ateeq Anwar is ahead with 65,986 votes

NA-242 — Polling stations 62/125: PTI-backed independent Dawa Khan Shabbir is ahead with 6,062 votes

NA-263 — Polling stations 17/382: PTI-backed independent Salaar Khan Kakar is ahead with 1,383 votes

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