The Mini Marathon at AKU, organized to commemorate World Heart Month, was a splendid affair.

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The Mini Marathon at AKU, organized to commemorate World Heart Month, was a splendid affair. It was a collaborative effort between Docs on Wheels, AKU Cardiac Surgery, and the Cardiac Sciences Collaboration Medical Students Group. The participants, donned in vibrant red attire, gathered promptly at 7:00 am. The weather was exquisite, characterized by a gentle breeze and overcast skies, setting an electrifying ambiance. Distinguished figures, including senior physicians, surgeons, department chairs, and even the Dean of the School of Nursing, graced the event. President Sulaiman Shahabuddin’s presence added a unique sense of unity. The motivational background music infused an extra surge of vitality.

Safdar Shaikh, Fahad Umer, Salman Kirmani, Sadaf Altaf, and Zahra Hoodbhoy led the marathon. After circling the cricket ground for 400 meters, the runners embarked onto the road, passing landmarks like the Supariwala Building, Nursing School, CIME, the New Private Wing, and culminating at the Dean’s Office. Following a swift hydration break, we recommenced our run, exiting AKU onto Stadium Road. Re-entering AKU through the Stadium Road gate, we proceeded along the track, concluding at the Sports Center stairs.

Post-group photos and a flurry of selfies, we entered the Tea Garden, where a delectable spread of Halwa Poori, Cholay, and breakfast delights awaited. Set against a backdrop of captivating music and in splendid company, the atmosphere exuded an infectious positivity, brimming with boundless energy. Laughter permeated the surroundings, creating a truly delightful ambiance. We conversed and reveled in the moment. It marked an exceptional commencement to the day.

The Mini Marathon served as a poignant reminder that rising at 6:30 on a Sunday is not only possible but invigorating. A collective sense of well-being pervades us all. Personally, I feel absolutely fantastic.

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