China exposes India’s lies about nuclear-capable equipment in Pakistan-bound ship

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A statement from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian comes a day after India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) claimed that the industrial autoclave seized from the Pakistan-bound Chinese ship Da Cui Yun can be used for the “manufacture of very long-range ballistic missiles or satellite launch rockets”.

Indian authorities had detained the ship at Kandla Port while en-route to Port Qasim, Karachi, on February 3 and allowed it to head towards Pakistan on Feb 20. They claimed that autoclave was misdeclared as an industrial dryer in the customs related papers.

Rejecting the claims, the Chinese official said: “We have learned that the cargo involved is actually a heat-treating furnace shell system made by a private Chinese company. It is by no means a piece of military equipment or a dual-use item covered by China’s non-proliferation export control regime”.

Lijian reiterated that China as a responsible country faithfully fulfills its international non-proliferation obligations and commitments.

He further highlighted that the Chinese commercial ship and owner of the cargo have declared the item truthfully beforehand with the Indian authorities in charge, so there is no concealment or false declaration.

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