We are providing free medical facilities worth billions of rupees to the people of Punjab through sehat sahulat Card.

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Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has said that Maryam Nawaz’s audio leak is very shameful. We are providing free medical facilities worth billions of rupees to the people of Punjab through sehat sahulat Card. Speaking on this occasion, Additional DGPR Rubina Afzal and CEO Punjab Health Initiative Management Company Dr. Ali Razzaq were present along with a large number of media representatives. Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid further said on this occasion that Maryam Nawaz was instructing her uncle Shehbaz Sharif that Punjab sehat sahulat Card should be abolished. Maryam Nawaz has given a blow to the people of Punjab with the audio leak of ending the health facility. Getting free treatment facility through the sehat sahulat Card is the basic right of every citizen. It is the basic responsibility of the state to provide basic rights to the people. Imran Khan was the first to provide facilities to the people during his tenure. In November 2015, Imran Khan started a health card for the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Looking at the same project, Nawaz Sharif started sehat card of three and a half lakhs in Punjab. Nawaz Sharif’s project did not go well. After the success of health card in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we started the same project for the people of Punjab in 2019. By starting sehat sahulat card in January 2019 in Punjab, the first people living below the poverty line. Free treatment facilities were provided to the people. First, in February 2020, we had announced to provide sehat sahulat cards to all the families of Punjab. Imran Khan said at that time that we will provide free treatment facilities to the people of Punjab. We are giving a premium of one hundred and thirty billion rupees annually for the purpose of facilitating the people. Imran Khan said that this is a work for the collective improvement of the people. If you talk about the collective improvement of the people, then God Almighty helps himself. Before June 2021, all the families of seven districts of DG Khan and Sahiwal divisions were provided universal health coverage. By March 31, 2022, all the more than 31 million families of Punjab will be provided universal health coverage. Your identity card has become your health card. The head of every family is eligible to use this sehat sahulat card. Maryam Nawaz Bibi ever thought that we can provide treatment to the people of Punjab through this sehat sahulat card. So far 22 lakh 71 thousand people of Punjab have got free treatment facility through health card. 4 lakh 90 thousand people in Punjab have got free facility of dialysis through health card. Facilitation card has become a great relief for the public. The government is made to provide convenience to the people and not for their own personal improvement. During the last one year, one and a half million people have undergone free eye surgery through Sehat sahulat card. So far, 1 lakh 83 thousand women have had cesarean operation through sehat sahulat card, while around 50 thousand women have had cesarean surgery. Free operation of normal delivery has been done. In view of the increasing population in Punjab, it is very important to build new big public hospitals. So far 51,000 people in Punjab have got the facility of free coronary angiography through health facility card and most of the people got coronary angiography from private hospitals. The facility has been obtained. We are trying to provide maximum facilities to the people of Punjab through sehat sahulat card. Now we have also provided the facility of cyberknife treatment to the people of Punjab through health card. In this regard, our MOU with Ghurki Hospital Lahore has been signed. In less than a month, there have been sessions for ten cancer patients at Ghurki Hospital Lahore. Cyberknife is the most advanced cancer treatment technology in the world, which is being provided to cancer patients in Punjab. We are providing all kinds of free treatment facilities to the people of Jab through Sehat sahulat card. Through sehat sahulat card we have also made the treatment of dengue patients free. Due to revision of the rates of treatment of diseases on health facility card, facilities have been provided to patients in more hospitals. In Punjab, 799 government and private hospitals are providing free treatment facilities to the people under the sehat sahulat card. Maryam Bibi has advised to close the project which is recognized in the world. The German ambassador appreciated the plan of Sehat sahulat card during the meeting. A backup plan for Sehat sahulat card is also running. If treatment worth Rs.10 lakh is done with the card, the period of money is extended under Sania Nishtar’s sehat tahafuz program. According to the survey in Punjab, 97% people are satisfied with the treatment through sehat sahulat card. We have a meeting with the insurance company every month, in which we are directed to resolve the complaints of the people. Through Sehat sahulat card, we are now going to provide more facilities to the people of Punjab to provide liver transplant facility from PKLI. In the second letter, Maryam Bibi talked about honoring Shehbaz Sharif as her son-in-law. Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid further said that Ishaq Dar is the one who first sunk the ship of Pakistan’s treasure and now he has dominated it. Ishaq Dar was the secretary of the family who gave a 35-page affidavit. This government not came for the people with the PML-N but to make its own money. There has never been such a big injustice to the people in history as was done in the Hudaybiya Papers case. They have come back to the government to make it happen. There was no other purpose for coming to the government. First, a prime minister left Ishaq Dar in the plane and the other prime ministers brought him back. The whole country is surrounded by floods and Bilawal Bhutto has been making waves in America for the past few days. At that time, the price of oil has reached 80 rupees per barrel. Due to the incompetence of the federal government, the people of Pakistan have reached the brink of destruction. Inshallah, this sehat sahulat card will run without any interruption. Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid while answering the questions of journalists said that Nawaz Sharif is absconding and he must come back. Cases were not made against him in our government but in his own government. So that the local purchase can end. The four-month government of the National League created havoc in Punjab and canceled our orders. A meeting of the teaching hospitals has already been called on Monday. The budget has already given money for emergency, labor room and indoor medicines in the government hospitals. There has been a regular external conspiracy against the government. 60% of the federal cabinet has been having criminal cases. The security of the Prime Minister’s House has become so poor that audio leaks are happening. The my car is being repaired. I ask Rana sana ullah to come and confront me. Government interference always harms the people. The government is using all means to restore the flood-affected areas. We are trying We have made performance indicators for increasing the efficiency of all teaching government hospitals. Next week the meeting will also implement the block. Due to the incompetence of Shehbaz Sharif, Panadol tablets are being stockpiled. We have 8 crore Panadol for the patients coming to the government hospitals of Punjab. All drug inspectors have been ordered to take strict action against stockpiling of Panadol.

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