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It was a very purposeful session starting with a presentation on how to make good Power Point presentations by Prof Mustehsan Bashir. Handouts were given to students prior to the session to facilitate recall of prior knowledge. The art of scientific paper, tips and tricks were discussed briefly.The learners were then divided into groups and assigned different tasks.

The second session was by Vice Chancellor Prof Khalid Masud Gondal PhD MedicalEducation. It laid focus on the challenges in Post Graduate medical education and how they can be overcome. He elaborated that the focus of medical education in general and PGME in particular that has been shifted from process based to outcome based medical education ie CBME. Global challenges include diverse standards of undergraduate education ,varied clinical practice contexts, diverse ethnic cultural and language barriers.

Standard setting is of utmost importance in educational outcomes evaluation. Accreditation Revalidation’ Recertification and SOPs for training framwork, and other Strategies to cope with the challenges were discussed at length.E log system and quality assurance tools such as blue printing,item analysis are important strategies to cope with challenges in post graduate medical education.

The last session was on Small and Large Group Teaching by Dr Khalid Cheema. He highlighted the importance of interactive lectures ,encouraging studens to interact by asking questions, brainstorming and mini assessments.The last activity after an interactive session were a session on feedback or reflection or a 1 min paper.
The day ended with a group photograph of the participants and facilitators with the Vice Chancellor, Prof Khalid Masud Gondal.


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