Global Peace Summit Turkey’21 illuminates program designed for youth

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Pakistani Youth Led Organization Global Peace Chain creating safe spaces for youth and accelerating social impacts to combat mutual challenges by achieving 2030 UNSDGs.

The Global Peace Summit Turkey’21 an intensely illuminating program, designed for the global youth, a prolific journey in which 110 delegates from 60 plus countries experienced self- contemplation and engagement with youth around the world.

This event called upon extraordinary, young at heart, diligent, Peace and SDGs enthusiasts with an impressive buffet of exciting competitions and disbursed $20,000 as seed funding for more than eleven social impacts globally.

The event offered plethora of sessions ranging from the main stage, impacts presentation sessions, diplomatic and policy makers panel talks, social innovation accelerator challenge, etc.

The summit also highlighted cross cultural exchange, global friendship, self-exploration, leadership development and youth empowerment.

The vast array of sessions allowed participants to broaden their horizon and to showcase their talent.

The delegate will likewise discuss, plan, and offer inventive answers for the problems that are to be addressed in the world to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
While opening the event officially, Keynote speeches were delivered by Mr. Kamran Zafar (Founder) and Mr. Muhammad Ahmad (Co-Founder) Global Peace Chain. Both executives admired the participation of youth at the forum despite of several challenges created by Covid- 19.

The executives stated that the Global Peace Summit will act as a forum where youth will emerge as actionable individuals to combat violent extremism, islamophobia, injustice and violence.
“We are cultivating the culture of providing youth a platform where we all demonstrate unity, take collective actions and make our countries peaceful and economically stable”, Mr. Kamran and Ahmad said.

The event was also joined by bunch of high officials and subjects’ expert on SDGs, beginning the major part of the event; Mr. Zabiullah Mujahid (Deputy Minister Information and Culture, Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan) virtually joined the event and shed light on his government policies on participation of youth in social development, role of women in politics, equal opportunities for education, policies for regional connectivity for trade, peace and stability.

He said, “We are striving to forge diplomatic relationship with the international world to emerge as responsible state and peaceful destination for everyone especially the regional partners.”

“Our government will provide security, education, infrastructure and peace to the people of Afghanistan in a very short time,'” he added.

“International community should support Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan to tackle the ongoing challenges which our people are suffering after the withdrawal,” he advised.

He specifically mentioned that our country wishes to develop harmonious relation with its immediate neighbor Pakistan and will ensure that their land will not be used against Pakistan for any further terrorism, as we are internally fighting the terror groups till its elimination,”Mr. Zabiullah Mujahid said.

Brsides, pursuing to the main event slots, His Excellency Mr. Danish Mehmood (Deputy Consulate General of Pakistan) enlightened global young leaders with Pakistan’s efforts to tackle most damaging climate change effects by driving 10Billion tree tsunami initiative by the Federal government of Pakistan which will be extremely useful for green environment.

The project is being carried out nationwide including educational institiuons aiming to make citizen responsible and climate enthusiastic.
Flowing the agenda of 3 days, several capacity building and youth empowerment trainings were conducted by subjects specialists which includes Human Rights and Secure Justice lead by Ms. Isabelle (USA) where she preached about basic human rights we all own and how we should demand our rights whenever there is any injustice or breach of basic rights events reported.

Mr. Ahsan Hamid Durrani and Barrister Ali Tahir from Pakistan organized a very informative sessions while living in the array of youth where they encouraged young people to act as global citizen and participate in policy making process by utilizing their intelligence, knowledge and proactive approach to prepare anti-challenges policies to help their government and the people.

Mr. Durani taught a serious lesson to the participants by sharing mandatory footsteps and strategies one can adopt to form policy and indulge them in decision making process. In addition to the session series, Barrister Ali Tahir derived young leaders to Protection of Human Rights through law and legal institutions. His philosophy concurred the interest of participants when he made the session interactive and heard fact based stories from youth, he emphasized that the powerful international institutions should never be a party and sell justice when it comes to deliver to the weak states by living under the domination of powerful states.

Mr. Ali demanded youth to be a voice of weak and suppressed and amplifies voice for equal and fair justice till its deliver because the governments and relevant institutions can be influenced by young voices.

At the end of final day, delegates chose wearing cultural attires to depict cultural harmony, respect and celebrate diversity.

Farzana Ali Khan

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